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Something has come back to earth.
So long it's been away.
The power of God is here again
Forever more to stay.
Apostles now are out in force
To send abroad the call.
Come now and hear the word of God.
Salvation's here for all.

The power, the power, is here today
Thank God it's just the same.
The power, the power, the apostles
Used when asking in His name.

Some go towards the east or west.
Some go towards the poles,
But all are trusting in God's power
For the saving of lost souls
Some suffer persecutions dire
While others win acclaim.
The power of God goes with them.
They all teach in Jesus' name.

When the power of God comes down,
The blessings freely flow.
The healing of God's people comes
The same as long ago.
Signs and miracles are wrought.
It's all by God's great power.
The time for Christ's return to earth
Grows shorter every hour

When Jesus breaks the silvery clouds,
The trumpet then will blow.
The sainted dead all will arise;
With Jesus they will go.
Life forever there awaits
For all who have been true
And fully trusted in their God
For power to take them through.

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