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I dreamed all the Christians were gathered
With Jesus around the great throne.
All were presenting credentials
To prove that they were his own.
Some were wrongfully gathered,
For they had not paid the cost.
They neither had carried the message,
Nor had they sought for the lost.

They cry, "Lord, You know we're Your children.
Mighty works in your name we've wrought."
Depart for I never knew you.
Your works were all done for naught.
I left a commandment here for you.
To all nations go, preach my word
And carry the word of redemption
Till all the people have heard.

You were still while some one else told it--
How salvation is found in My name.
Yet now you stand here before me
The reward of the righteous to claim.
You never gave heed to your brother
When to you for help he would cry.
You set your own standards before you,
Saying, "None is so righteous as I am."

But now you have come here for Judgment.
You shall be turned from the gates.
Though you pray to God for admission,
Your prayers are coming too late.
You were never sanctified holy.
To me you have never been true.
As you passed your judgment on others,
I now pass My judgment on you.

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