Holy Ghost

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How well I remember when Jesus saved me,
Sanctified me holy, from sin set me free.
When He set my feet on that rock to stay,
I learned to follow Him, lead where He might.

I cannot tell you just how I feel.
It comes from God, and I know it's real.
It's a treasure that comes from heavens store.
It will bless and keep me forever more.

The doors of heaven were opened wide,
And Jesus gave me a look inside.
Angels were singing sweet and low,
"Come up, dear soul; don't stay below."

My soul went soaring aloft that night,
Carried above by an angel of light.
Just then I knew that I loved Him most.
He baptized me with the Holy Ghost.

Oh, the joy, the bliss, the wonderful way!
How the thoughts of earth all faded away!
With stammering lips and a trembling chin.
The sweet Holy Ghost came pouring in.

I talk with Him and the angels now
As the Holy Ghost has taught me how.
Although I may speak with the tongues of men,
I know I shall speak to my God again.

This is my hope and my only fear.
Lord, can I feel your presence near?
Holy Ghost, will you always lead the way
And keep me talking to God each day?

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