I Realize the Loss

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When I realize the loss
Of my Savior on the cross,
How He died in agony and shame for me,
Then, I thank you more, my Lord,
For the promise in Your word
That Your blood would sanctify
And set me free.

Then You speak to me of peace,
Joy, and bliss that ne'er shall cease.
Lord, I need Thee ever more to be my guide.
From the dark and stormy night,
Jesus, send that ray of light
That will ever guide me to Thy blessed side.

Now, dear Lord, I'm thanking You
For the promise has come true.
Now, I know Your precious love is truly mine.
Lord, just take me as I am,
Free me from the false, the sham,
Speak and tell me, Lord, that I am wholly Thine.

I am living in that love
Always looking up above
For that moment when You'll roll the clouds aside.
In Your robe of spotless white,
Coming in that holy light,
Calling all in garments white to be Your bride.

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