My Home

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I'm going to a home that Jesus made sure.
Beautiful, holy, so precious, so pure.
All through eternity it shall endure,
For God's holy word has made it secure.

My home, my home, the one that I love.
My home, my home, with Jesus above.
Now He is calling; I hear Him say, "Come.
Come, oh, come to Me now in My home."

Soon I'll be wending my way up above,
Dwelling at last in the land that I love.
Transported aloft by God's holy dove,
To feed on the riches of God's treasure trove.

The voice of my Savior I hear on the air.
Calling me, "Come to My home over there.
Leave all behind you, all sorrow, all care."
Calling, still calling, "God answered your prayer."

Now I rejoice I have joyed in my soul.
Jesus has made me a place in his fold.
Now I am here with the dear saints of old.
Called to abide in my home of pure gold.

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