I Am Waiting

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I am waiting, I am waiting
I am waiting here below.
I am longing, I am longing
For the time when I can go.
I am looking, I am looking
For that blessed day.
I'll be going; I'll be going
When my Lord calls me away.

I will go, Lord; I will go, Lord.
I'll go with you all the way.
I will do, Lord; I will do, Lord
Whatsoever You shall say.
I'll be working; I'll be working
On my mansion all the while.
I'll be singing; I'll be singing
While I travel that last mile.

I'll be preaching; I'll be preaching.
I will send abroad the word.
I will tell it; I will tell it
Until everyone had heard.
I will glory; I will glory.
I will glory in Thy name.
I will praise You; I will praise You
'Till the world shall do the same.

I will thank You; I will thank You
I will thank You ever more
I will love You; I will love You
As I never did before
Now I come, Lord; now I come, Lord,
For the end has come at last.
Take me now, Lord; take me now, Lord,
In Your arms and hold me fast

I am coming; I am coming
While the door is open wide
I am cleansed, Lord, I am cleansed,
For the blood has been applied.
I am saved, Lord; I am saved, Lord.
I am saved and sanctified.
Draw me nearer; draw me nearer
To Thy precious, bleeding side.

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