It Is Jesus

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Some where along on your journey,
Comes a time when you need a friend.
One who will stay close beside you.
Go with you until the end.

It is Jesus the One that loves you,
Jesus on Whom you can depend.
It is Jesus that always tells you,
"Lo, I am with you until the end."

He is the One you need.
He takes away all of your cares.
He is the One to bring comfort.
He is the answer to your prayers.

Earthly friends will all vanish,
Leaving you all your burdens to hold,
But Jesus is mighty to aid you.
He will you and your burdens enfold.

He is the One you'll need
On your way to the Promised Land..
He is the One that will lead you
By the touch of His nail scarred hand.

Jesus, the great, mighty Savior,
Jesus, the sinner's best Friend,
My Jesus, I now call upon You.
My Jesus, my Guide to the end.

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