Man's Planets

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I traveled this whole world over,
Seeking for something worthwhile,
Looking for signs and wonders.
I traveled mile after mile.
I looked and beheld the new planets
As they soared aloft through the air,
And these are the things I pondered.
Can God be with them up there?

Can God be there, will he guide them.
Will they travel by power made by man.
Will they always be there in the heavens.
Do you think God will alter his plan.

God made the earth and the heavens.
The sun, moon, and stars were His plan.
The wise are invading His kingdom
With things manufactured by man.
God gave man His own image.
A holy and sanctified soul.
Man by his own worldly wisdom
Will soon have destroyed the whole

God brought down the Tower of Babel.
The people were scattered around.
Destroyed all the life with the water.
Man's place is here on the ground.
All things you see up in heaven
God made and placed them there.
Man and his manmade planets
Have no place with God in the air

Man's wisdom will soon vanish
His works and his planets will fail
The ones who have been called foolish
Are the ones that our God will call.
The wise with all of their wisdom and
All the great works they have wrought
Will vanish away like dew drops.
Their labors have all been for naught

God sits on His throne up in heaven
Looks down on the efforts of men,
Trying to build up a kingdom.
Trying to alter God's plan,
But God is a great Master Builder
All things He created are sure
In the end He will show men their folly.
His works will never endure.

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