I Found It All in Jesus Name

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Rejoice, ye heavens, let angels sing.
Earth, let our joyful praises ring.
While all the heavenly hosts proclaim,
"All things are made in Jesus' name."
Here is my promise, Lord, that I
Will keep Your banner waving high.
All things You gave I'll keep them safe
And give my thanks in Jesus' name.

I hear the saints of God proclaim,
"Go; find it all in Jesus' name."
Now I can tell, "I do the same.
I find all things in Jesus' name."

The sorrow, pains, the sin, the strife
Are washed away. I've found new life.
So with God's people now I claim
I am made whole in Jesus name.
The happiness, the love, so pure.
All came from God we know its sure.
For this is why the Savior came.
To bring all things in Jesus name.

The lost, the dying sin sick soul.
The Savior came to make thee whole.
While to the sick the blind the lame.
Believe be healed in Jesus name.
The dying thief upon the cross.
Beheld his Lord and knew his loss.
He heard him say you're loved the same.
Thou hast believed on Jesus name.

Now, friends, here's what we all must do
In love for our God; to Him be true.
Our prayers, our praise must be the same,
For all must end in Jesus' name.
Now, here is what our Lord gave most:
His working power, the Holy Ghost,
For those who have and use the same
Have mighty power in Jesus' name.

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