The Living Christ

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Go preach my word to all the people
The entire world around
And tell them of that blessed hope
And how it may be found.

The commandments that I gave you
To them you must prove true
And live your life that all may know
That Christ still lives in you.

My Lord is still a living Christ.
He conquered death for me.
He bore my sins upon the cross
That He might set me free.

God sent His own begotten Son
To save the human race
And bring to life the living dead
Restore them all to grace

That none should perish from the earth.
This is His holy way.
All who abide in His great love
Hold hell and death at bay.

He's still alive; His power on earth
Is shown in every way.
He heals our bodies; saves our souls.
It's working every day.

He takes our burdens and our cares.
He calls us all His own.
He's still the living Son of God
The world has always known.

Throughout the trials of this life
The things we know and feel
We've learned to love and trust in Him
We know His power is real.

He brings us peace when sore beset
And tossed upon the waves.
He pushes back the hand of death.
Our Christ completely saves.

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