Good Old Time Religion

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This good old time religion
They had so long ago
When people got a hold of God,
And did not let Him go.
This good old time religion
Is just the same today
As in the days of Noah
When it washed all sin away.

This good old time religion,
It makes you shout and sing..
Your prayers go up to heaven
Till the bells of heaven ring.
You cannot live without it,
And here's the reason why.
You lay up earthly treasures,
And you'll miss your home on high.

That good old time religion,
The kind we've heard about,
It makes you love your neighbor.
It fills you with a shout.
It brings you down a blessing
Each time you go to pray.
This good old time religion
Grows better every day.

This good old time religion,
Three doses every day,
It keeps you well and happy.
The doctor stays away.
And if you want to prosper,
As we all like to do,
Just stick to this religion,
And it will take your through.

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