Parting of the Ways

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Dear friend are you walking alone tonight?
Is your life now filled with fear?
Have you lost your entire faith in God?
Can't you feel that He is near?
How long has it been since
The Lord has called?
Have you heard Him in recent days?
Don't you know you have come to the end of time
And the parting of the ways?

At the parting of the ways
Will come at the end of days.
There's a course you must take.
There are bonds you must break
At the parting of the ways.

Out in the night so dark and cold
Is a lost and dying plight.
Your steps you must turn and learn to walk
With Jesus in warmth and light.
The evil powers that have led you on
So many long weary days
All vanish away when you walk with God
In the parting of the ways.

Now is the time you must not delay
And turn from the paths that you have trod.
Start walking on that beautiful road
That leads to heaven and God.
Long He has waited for you to call,
"Lord; lead me out of this maze.
Just show me, Lord, the way I must take
At the parting of the ways."

My ways are not the ways of the world.
The world walks not with Me.
Just follow Me in the paths of light,
And I will set you free.
Come; go with Me to My home above.
There live with Me above
In paths of light find a home so bright
At the parting of the ways.

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