The Open Door

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Once as I wandered along seeking pleasure.
I came to a pause by a wide open door.
I heard a great noise of shouting and singing
And people were kneeling all over the floor
The organ was pealing,
The music revealing
A glad song of praise they sang o'er and o'er;
Glory to God, and honor to him ever more.

And, then, I beheld as one in a vision
A Man in white robes who sat on a throne.
Over His face a smile softly stealing;
Saying, "I've kept my promises I've come for my own;
An anthem grew stronger, gaining great power
With voices attesting the love that they bore.
To Him be all power and glory forever
Our Lord and our Savior we love and adore.

As I stood gazing, there came a great brightness
Waves of the light ever glancing and changing
Gave herald to all of the birth of a soul.
The scene changes quickly a cloud of great glory
Formed at the ceiling; came down to the floor.
The glory of God came over the singers.
They sang their new song to the one they adore.

A voice spoke to me, "Son, why do you linger?
Now is the time to join that glad throng."
When I stepped within the house of His glory,
I found myself singing that wonderful story.
"Glory to God, my wonderful Savior,"
The new words I learned to repeat o'er and o'er.
I thank, and I praise my wonderful Savior
All glory to him for he opened the door

Now I am dwelling in His house of beauty.
Living and loving, sustained by His grace.
Feeling His power as it gently enfolds me.
Seeing Him daily; held fast in embrace.
My joy is complete since I found my Savior;
I'm singing His praises each day more and more
I thank Him for giving me part of His glory
Since the day that He called me and opened the door.

Now I will sing of Christ and His beauty
The new song of love to Him I adore
The angels will join in giving Him honor.
All glory and power to open the door.

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