On the Road to Calvary

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Traveling on to glory,
With my blessed Lord,
Talking with Him daily,
Trusting in His word,
I can feel His power
As He walks with me,
Sharing all my burdens,
On the road to Calvary.

The road to Calvary,
Blest road to Calvary,
Going on with Jesus,
As He walks with me,
Always feel His presence,
As He walks with me
Hand in hand with Jesus
On the road to Calvary.

Tells me when I'm lonely,
Hear me and be blest,
Calling when I'm weary,
Come to me and rest.
All by faith and promise,
Lord, I look to thee.
Keep me walking with you,
On the road to Calvary,

'Midst the raging tempest,
Hear His, "Peace be still,"
Know that he is with me
By His Father's will.
Trusting He will lead me
When I cannot see,
Walking in His footsteps
On the road to Calvary.

Peace and joy and comfort,
Hope and liberty,
Precious words of promise,
From my Lord to me.
In my hopes and prayers,
Lord, I long to be
Hand in hand with Jesus,
On the road to Calvary.

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