Seven Heavens

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You have had your dreams of heaven
While you lived your life on earth
When the Savior came to meet you
While He brought you that new birth.
Friend, your new life now has started.
Your race in life has just begun,
With the help of Christ, our Savior,
You've reached heaven number one.

When the Tempter comes, he'll tell you,
You can't live holy; all must sin.
Jesus Christ is there to guide you,
Show you how you must begin.
Your desire for earthly pleasures
All have been removed from you.
Then you're sanctified and holy.
You're in heaven number two.

Then you'll find the Holy Spirit,
Rules your heart, your mind, and soul.
You will speak God's holy language,
Know you're made completely whole
When his spirit moves upon you,
And your soul has been set free.
Always feel that God is with you.
You've reached heaven number three.

You have crossed the mystic portal
From this earth to one above.
You are living with the angels,
And you find it peace and love.
Christ will give you second vision
Of things that have gone before.
You will also see the future.
You're in heaven number four.

You have left this earth for heaven,
Left a land of strife and greed,
Looking always to your Savior,
He'll supply your every need.
God's own spirit, working with you,
It is keeping you alive.
Signs and miracles will follow.
You've reached heaven number five.

Now your journey soon is ending.
You have lived and loved your span.
Space and time that was allotted,
The last number of the man.
You have come to that last parting.
Soul and body cannot mix.
Soon your body you'll be leaving.
This is heaven number six.

Now you've reached that glorious city
Where there is no want or care.
Followed Him upon His footstool.
Now you're with Him in the air.
For to him that overcometh,
All things to him shall be given.
With God your number is made perfect.
This is heaven number seven

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