The Master's Call

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Once a sinner sad and lonely
Traveling on a road alone,
I was seeking earthly treasures
With no friend to call my own.
Long I traveled on this pathway;
Pleasures soon began to pall.
In my heart I had a longing
That some day the Lord would call.

In a dream I had a vision
Of Jesus on a golden throne
In a robe of wondrous beauty.
He was calling for His own
In a voice so sweet and tender,
"I'm calling for you one and all."
When He said, "You're in this number,"
Then I knew the Master's call.

He lifted me when I most needed
Strength to walk the paths of light.
Now I raise His blood stained banner,
Drawing men to paths of light.
In my weakness I would stumble,
But He would not let me fall.
Each victory brought me more power,
Since I heard the Master's call.

Now my time is swiftly passing--
Not much longer here below.
Still I hear the voice of Jesus
Say, "I've a place for you to go."
Every thought I give to Jesus,
For He freely gave His all,
Though I never can repay Him,
Thank you, Jesus, for that call.

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