When Evening Falls

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The way I spend my days on earth
At times I do not care.
Though burdened down with trials,
I do not go to prayer.
But my day is over,
And I long to hear his call.
My thoughts will turn to Jesus
When evening shadows fall.

I think of all Your glory;
Your love so tried and true;
The promise that You gave me.
That's when I most love You.
I hear Your gentle pleading,
For you I gave my all.
Then I go to him for comfort
When the evening shadows fall.

There are days when I've forgotten
To do God's holy will.
You tell me I'm forgiven.
"My peace goes with you still."
Some times I long for twilight,
And hear His loving call.
There be alone with Jesus
When evening shadows fall.

When days are dark and dreary,
The clouds obscure the sky.
Although I cannot see Him,
I know that He is nigh.
He's over there in glory
With all who've heard His call,
Who always went to Jesus
When the evening shadows fall.

There's another day that's coming,
Bright shining as the sun.
When He tells me I'll be leaving
When my race on earth is done
For the land of blessed promise,
Prepared for me and all
Who find the time for Jesus
When the evening shadows fall.

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