My Friend

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Without my Friend I do not know
What I should do; where I could go.
He leadeth me throughout the day.
He guides my feet; I do not stray.

My Friend, Who paid the price for me,
My Friend, Who died on Calvary,
My Friend, Who opened up the way,
My Friend, I follow come what may.

He turned me from my sin and shame.
He taught me how to speak his name;
To ask from God the things I need;
Have faith to know my prayers He'll heed.

He leads me on when sore distressed.
He brings me joy; He keeps me blessed.
I'm trusting in His nail-pierced hand
To lead me on to glory land.

He heals my body; saves my soul,
For by His touch I am made whole.
He proves to me He is my Friend.
I have His promise to the end.

He speaks the word that brings me peace.
He sets my troubled heart at ease.
He cares for me in the time of need
As from my sorrows I am freed.

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