Hidden Things

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"Why speakest Thou in parables?"
His disciples asked one day.
Through unbelief these never know
Nor ever find the way.
Their eyes are blind; they do not see.
They stumble, and they fall.
To you who have believed on Me,
He hath revealed it all.

Seek not for wisdom on this earth
But trust in God on high.
Believe that I am sent by Him.
Behold me with thine eye.

He hid from the wisest men
Because they will not see.
The Spirit that has quickened you
Has made it known to thee.
Man's ways are not the ways of God.
Man lives for just this hour.
The spirit-filled will do God's will,
But not by might or power.

So, to the babes and innocents
He gave them open eyes.
He closed the eyes of strong and great,
The prudent and the wise.
They see but do not understand
Of which the prophets spoke.
They hear but will not heed My word.
They will not bear My yoke.

These things He hid from men of old,
Good men tried and true.
The mysteries of His kingdom now,
He has revealed to you.
God spoke to men of old by voice
When man was all alone.
To you who hath believed on Me,
He has His word made known.

The wise will go their prudent ways.
They're counting every cost.
They do not know God's word is hid
And forgotten by the lost.
They wear a veil upon their hearts.
They do not know or see.
If they but turn that veil to God,
Behold, comes liberty.

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