God's Word

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God sent His word
To a world dark and drear.
Humanity groping
In doubt and in fear.
He spoke the word,
And the way it came through.
Is still being spoken
By the faithful and few.

God's word is sure;
We know by the past.
God's word is for now,
And God's word will be last.
Others may speak,
And your vision obscure.
Prove the good things of God
In His word are secure.

Tested and tried
In a world full of shame,
His word is still pure.
It is always the same.
Through the dark ages
His word did endure.
His word is still speaking.
Believe and be sure.

His word is still teaching
In ways that are right.
Always we hear and we see
By that light.
Always have faith
That His word will endure.
We know by His word,
All things are made sure.

Now listen, my friend,
Is God speaking to you?
Can you hear His voice?
Don't you know it is true?
Accept; have faith,
That His word will endure.
Believe and tell others,
God's blessings are sure.

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