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With the last homecoming gathered
In that new Jerusalem.
With our friends and loved ones waiting
For the time on earth to end.
Satan's reign on earth is broken,
No more his trade to ply.
Christ in all His glory coming
Where we'll meet Him in the sky.

God is on His throne in heaven,
With our Lord at His right hand,
Welcomes us to this home coming,
Over there in glory land.
Jesus Christ will bid us welcome,
He will call us by our name.
"Enter in, you happy people;
I'm so glad because you came."

To the land of this homecoming.
God's Spirit leads us.
We'll be drinking from the fountains,
Feasting on the living bread.
Prodigals from every nation
Hasten to the eastern gate,
Waiting there to gain admittance,
Praying that they be not late.

This will be the last homecoming,
All God's people gathered home,
Telling Him how Jesus called them,
Bid them never more to roam.
With our spotless robe around us,
We are blood-washed, free from sin.
Jesus Christ is there to greet us.
Open gates, and we'll march in.

Now the glory of that moment,
Thrills our hearts, our minds, our soul.
While the heavenly band is singing,
Jesus Christ will call the roll
We will answer, "We are ready,
And we thank you for this day.
Praise you for this last homecoming,
Blessed Lord, we're here to stay."

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