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What a glorious happy morning
When my Savior did arise,
Broke the bonds of earth that held Him,
Went to meet God in the skies.
'Twas His blood He shed on Calvary,
And His life that paid the cost,
And the cross they made Him carry
That will save the sinful lost.

Now my heart is overflowing
When I think of His great love.
How His spirit leads me onward
To that home far up above.
Once He was an earthly being,
Living in this sinful world,
Overcoming all temptations,
By the power of God's word.

He was born of Virgin Mary.
Heaven sent the Master's Son,
And to Him God gave all power.
He will share it with His own.
How I thank Him for that moment
When He rent the curtain wide,
Broke the barriers, made an entrance
That will lead me to His side.

Now I'm longing for His coming,
For I know His word is true.
For He told all who believe Him,
"I am coming back for you."
Jesus is the Resurrection,
For He was the first to rise.
Set for us that great example
That we all shall do likewise.

I take the cross of Jesus with me,
Gladly bear it while I may.
What He did for me at Calvary
This is not too much to pay.
While I'm here, I'll bear His banner
That His wounds I may relieve.
When I've ministered to others,
My reward I shall receive.

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