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Waiting here in patience for that glorious day,
When our cares are ended, we'll be with Christ alway.
The shadows all have vanished; the sun is shining through.
Christ in His glory coming; the skies are all turned blue.

Waiting here, still waiting, we're happy and so free.
The glory Jesus left us is here for you and me.
The life that we have lived here upon this sinful land.
Was filled with joy and blessings, led by His nail-pierced hands.

The new day now is dawning; the light is breaking through.
His love that now enfolds us is just as strong and true.
We wait with hearts o'er flowing; our hearts, our souls at ease.
Our eyes are turned to heaven to see our Prince of Peace.

And now our Lord is coming; our waiting day is passed.
Soon we will go to meet Him, secure with him at last.
We glory in that patience that kept us true to God.
We glory He was with us in the last long mile we trod.

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