Untitled (My Lord)

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My Lord is my Shepherd, my Leader,
Keeps me free from all envy and strife.
He is my Rock and safe Anchor.
He's the Giver of eternal life.

My Lord is the Giver of joy.
My Lord is the Giver of love.
My Lord is the Giver of mansions,
He now is preparing above.

He leads me besides the still water.
He restoreth my soul every day.
He sends down the manna from heaven.
He giveth light all the way.

He is the Light in the darkness.
He is Water in desert's hot sands.
He's the One that is ready and waiting
To reach you with outstretched hands.

He is the One that I long for.
He is the One that ransomed us all.
He's the One that says, "Are ye ready,
For soon I will make my last call?"

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