Untitled (Do You Want to Be Ready?)

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Do you want to be ready when Jesus calls?
Be one of the chosen few.
Can you answer, "Dear Lord, I've done my best
To do what you told me to"?

For many are called, but few will go.
Their name is not on the roll.
They lost their chance when they answered, "No."
All they have is a troubled soul.

The Lord has called and chosen you,
Will you answer to His call
And promise to be a shining light?
Will you always be giving your all?

Christ is calling a chosen few,
"Take up your cross-and follow me.
I have work for you to do."
Say, "Lord, I'll go all the way."

The call of Christ is a call of love.
His yoke is not hard to bear.
The cares that we carry through this life
Our Jesus will gladly share.

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