Untitled (Christ Is the Answer)

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Christ is the answer. He broke through the veil,
Brought peace to the lost that never will fail.
His peace that He left us will set us all free.
We follow; He leads us through eternity.

Yes, Christ is the answer. He gave us His all,
The One Who has loved us on Whom we must call,
The One who will lead us from bondage and sin.
Yes, Christ is the answer. Just let Him come in.

As in the beginning just as it is now,
Christ is the answer; to Him we must bow.
The Alpha, Omega, the Beginning, the End.
Christ is the answer, our only true friend.

Christ is the answer. He frees us from strife.
He leads us; we follow and find a new life.
Christ is the answer. We're still in His care,
And He'll only place on us what we're able to bear.

Yes, Christ is the answer when life's race is run.
We gain our reward when He tells us, "Well done."
We will go to those mansions Christ went to prepare.
Yes, Christ is the answer to faith and to prayer.

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