Untitled (Jesus Will Feed His Sheep)

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While the days are growing shorter,
Years are swiftly passing by.
Through the darkness all around us,
We can hear some lost one cry,
"Lord, I'm starving, lost, forsaken.
Friends around me fall asleep.
Tell me, Jesus, how much longer
Will You wait to feed your sheep?"

"Fear not, lost one, I am with you
Though you're drifting on the deep.
I have strong and trusted shepherds,
Who will quickly feed My sheep."

As we walk our chosen pathway,
There are times our feet will stray.
Do not fear; there is a Shepherd,
Who goes with you all the way.
Though you're lost upon the desert,
On the mountains wild and steep,
Hide in rocks in caves or canyons.
He will find and feed His sheep.

Though your foes may sore beset you,
Pressing you from every side,
Christ prepared for us a haven.
Safely there you shall abide.
When the angel sounds the trumpet,
Waking saints that are asleep,
"Come; the marriage supper's ready."
Jesus Christ will feed His sheep.

We are dwelling in that homeland,
Drinking of that holy wine.
Sheepfold doors are standing open,
Bidding all to come and dine,
No more days of weary wandering.
Christ has sown; so shall He reap,
And His harvest now is gathered.
Christ forever feeds His sheep.

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