Untitled (Like Jesus)

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As I travel on with Jesus, I am thinking all the while
Of the agony He suffered, while walking that last mile
Then I hear Him in the garden when the night was dark and still,
His prayers going up to heaven, "Father, do Thy holy will."

He is coming back to meet me some bright and happy day,
Bringing heaven's glory with Him and take all sin away.
I glory in the Father as I glory in the Son.
That I can be like Jesus; Lord, Thy will, not mine, be done

Then to the cross of Calvary, He went on that dreadful day,
For God in heaven willed it. It shall be done His way.
No thought of self was with Him there on Golgotha's hill.
A perfect Son fulfilled God's trust, and did His Father's will

Yes, I want to be like Jesus, while walking here below.
I want to take Him with me, wherever I may go.
I want to be like Jesus each time I go to pray,
Submissive to the Father, bow to His will each day

I want to grow more like Him and walk the paths He trod
And send my daily prayers, up to the throne of God.
And this will be my prayer until these lips grow still,
My testimony, "Jesus, I've tried to do Your will."

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