Untitled (In Heaven)

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Once I was a weary pilgrim,
Traveling through a world of shame
When I heard a voice from heaven,
"Place your faith in Jesus' name.
You have wandered through a strange land.
From kindred you did roam.
Come; join with all your loved ones
Who reached this glorious home."

I want to go to heaven,
See the Lord upon His throne,
Greet saints who pass before me
Whom the Lord has called His own.
I'll hear the angels singing,
"Hallelujah to the Lamb
On the great white throne in glory."
See and know the great I Am

He has promised me this homeland.
I have His blessed word
That my pilgrimage is ending.
I will find a just reward.
He the book of life will open,
Find my name upon the roll.
And the Lamb of God will tell me,
"Enter in; you've paid the toll."

Then I'll see that glorious city,
Walls of jasper, streets of gold.
Talk with Abraham and Isaac,
Jacob and his sons behold.
Once they were upon a journey
In a land they did not know,
But the promise of the father
Brought them safely from all woe

I'll see Enoch and Elijah.
They will wear a jeweled crown.
Enoch for he pleased His maker;
Elijah prayed the fire down
Then I'll talk with John the Baptist
And Peter, the first who spoke.
Learn how Paul taught the Christians
They all must bear His yoke

Then I'll see the great white judgment
Of souls who found this rest.
Hear the shouting of the chosen
Whom the Lord has truly blest.
Then my troubles will be nothing.
Weary paths have all been trod.
By faith I've found a pathway
That leads me on to God

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