Untitled (Ship of Life)

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A ship that sails on in the fullness of flight,
Sails all through the day and on through the night.
Today it is sailing far distance to gain,
For tomorrow the ship may not sail again.

Out in a world full of envy and strife.
Hear Jesus now calling, "Come find a new life.
Take up my cross that I've borne all the way,
Don't wait for tomorrow, but do it today."

Don't think of the future; just think of the past.
Thank God for today, for it may be the last.
Make today beautiful. Keep it holy and clean,
And let thoughts of tomorrow be only a dream.

Out in the world you will hear a vast throng.
They sing of tomorrow; they are singing it all wrong.
Their songs should be of the Savior today,
Not wait for tomorrow, but sing them today.

Many days will pass by, but it still is today.
Don't let it pass by you so idly away.
Look for joy that takes away sorrow.
Be sure you find Jesus today, not tomorrow.

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