Untitled (Back to Earth)

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I heard an old-time preacher say that earth was made for man,
But one thing that I never heard was why God changed His plan.
From miry clay he made a man; that is how he got his birth,
And when his days are ended here, he goes back to the earth

God gave to him a lovely place wherein he was to dwell.
But Satan came and tempted him, and that is where man fell.
He lost the home that God had given. He lost his holy birth.
His body to the dust returned; so, man was made for earth

While man may live upon this earth a hundred years or more
He cannot leave it when he dies because of sin he bore.
And all the things that he may gain, he may not know their worth,
For if he gives them all to God, he'll still go back to earth

For man must live a godly life, accept things as they are.
Take all his troubles to the Lord and leave them in His care.
Then, in the future, he will find his sadness turned to mirth
His soul will go to God on high, but his body stays on earth

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