Untitled (Life's Journey)

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In my youth I started out upon a journey,
Seeking for a place to call my very own
Many miles are past, and many years are ended.
Still across the earth, I am content to roam,
For I've found a way that's ever growing dearer,
A way in which I've found a perfect rest.
For the love of God that ever leads me onward
Keeps me happy on my way and richly blest.

For he leads me on when I am prone to linger
Gives me strength to travel when I'm weak and worn
Each night I rest so sweetly in his presence
Start refreshed upon my way at early dawn

Yes, the vision of this lovely way grows brighter.
I find an answer to my every hope and prayer.
And the blessed hand that leads me on this journey
Is the hand that frees my soul from every care.
Through the years it seems to me my strength is failing,
And without His help I know that I should fall.
Then I thank Him for the strength that He once gave me
In my youth when first I heard His loving call

In the fullness of my youth and strength I started
Overcoming each temptation with a shout.
As the years roll on, I feel my strength is failing.
I trust in the hand of God to bring me out.
Then I ask the Lord to ever lead me onward,
For as long as I shall travel on this way.
And He tells me that the time will be as nothing,
For His spirit will go with me all the way

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