Never Thought of That

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I have walked in summer sunshine
When sunbeams flashed and broke,
But I never saw the horses,
Nor the sheep, nor cattle smoke.

I have walked in summer meadows
When the grass with dew was wet,
But I never saw a robin
Puffing on a cigarette.

I have fished in many waters
When the fishing time was ripe,
But I never caught a catfish
Puffing on a stinking pipe.

Man's the only living creature
That parades this vale of tears
Like a snorting traction engine,
Blowing smoke from nose and ears.

If Dame Nature had intended
When she first created man
That he'd smoke, she would have built him
On a widely different plan.

She'd have given him a stovepipe
And a damper and a grate,
Furnished him a smoke consumer
That was strictly up to date

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