Hymns by Lester Ray Sandy

Lester Ray Sandy was my grandfather. He was born January 16, 1891, and died in 1971. He and Maddie Maude Wright Sandy were married on May 12,1916. Grandma's birthday was August 3,1899. While I was growing up, they lived in the bottom apartment of our house. I spent many hours there with them, learning to quilt and cook from Grandma. From Grandpa I learned to play Scrabble, love pink wintergreen lozenges, and his songs--the same songs I sang at Vacation Bible School at Brother Ray's church on Morgantown Avenue in my hometown. Here is a picture of Grandma and Grandpa in their living room at Christmastime with Brother Ray. This picture came from the photo album of my Aunt Icie and Uncle Clarence Rowand.

Grandpa & Grandma with Brother Ray

The picture used on this page as background and below was always lit up in their living room. Every child who came to their home would turn it on.


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Recently, my oldest aunt, Icie Sandy Rowand, and her daughters, Corda Rowand Martin and Cynthia Rowand Byrd, put together a digital copy of my grandfather's songs from his handwritten copies. I never knew who had them or if they had ever been written down. My other aunts have also been assimilating their copies of the songs to make sure we have all of them. These pages will eventually showcase those songs. I am working on them in an order known only to myself. I started with number one but intend to follow through with the songs I remember from my childhood and any that my family would like me to complete. The table below lists all 120 songs in the numerical order I received them from my aunts and cousins. Others will be added as they are discovered. Here is an alphabetical listing of songs if you prefer.


Titles in Numeric Order
    1. I'm Going Home to Jesus     2. Our King     3. Jesus, the Light and the Way     4. Wonderful Story     5. Going to a Better Land
    6. Soldiers of His Word     7. All the Way     8. Precious Sight     9. Pray, Brother, Pray   10. When the Lights Were Dim
  11. Friendship with Jesus   12. When We Go to the Lord in Prayer   13. Faith   14. Greetings   15. Golden Highway
  16. Church on the Hill   17. God's Grace   18. Closer to God   19. The Old, Old Story   20. Fall of Man
  21. Yesterdays   22. Going Somewhere   23. Valley of Decision   24. Birth of Christ   25. Redeemed
  26. Forgive   27. I'm on a New Road   28. The Light That Stays Green   29. Jesus Is His Name   30. When My Lord Returns
  31. Getting Ready to Go *   32. Perfect Love   33. Meeting Place   34. Time   35. You Can't Get to Heaven *
  36. Running God's Race   37. God's Blessings   38. Pay Your Way   39. God's Sea of Love   40. Queer Religion
  41. Call to Duty   42. Lead Me Lord   43. Sunday Christians *   44. Singing in the Sunshine   45. Lonesome Road
  46. Peace with God   47. Dark Days   48. Glory Bound Train   49. Where the Living Waters Flow   50. Weighing in for God *
  51. Thanks Giving *   52. Roll the Wagon   53. Wanderers of the Waste Land   54. Cross of Christ   55. For my Lord Has Told Me So *
  56. Don't Let the Lord Pass By   57. I Have a Friend *   58. Beautiful City *   59. Bible School   60. Only One Light
  61. He Will *   62. The Lost Vision   63. God's Sunshine   64. Revival Time   65. Beautiful Things
  66. Alone   67. Only One Way   68. I Stand Amazed   69. A Pilgrim   70. Memory's Lane
  71. Come Ye Faithful   72. Wedding in the Sky   73. What's the Answer?   74. Just a Few More Days   75. The Last Light
  76. People   77. Free   78. Walking Alone   79. Power   80. Judgment Day
  81. Holy Ghost   82. I Realize the Loss   83. My Home   84. I Am Waiting   85. It Is Jesus
  86. Man's Planets   87. I Found It All in Jesus   88. Time Clock   89. The Living Christ   90. Good Old Time Religion
  91. The Parting of Ways   92. The Open Door   93. On the Road to Calvary   94. Seven Heavens   95. Beautiful Valley *
  96. The Masters Call   97. When Evening Shadows Fall   98. Old Religion (Elijah's Religion) *   99. My Friend 100. There Is a Place for Me
101. Hidden Things 102. God's Word 103. Home Coming 104. Once I Had an Empty Vessel 105. Resurrection
106. I Long for Jesus 107. Waiting 108. Untitled 01 (My Lord) * 109. Untitled 02 (Do You Want to Be Ready?) * 110. Untitled 03 (Christ Is the Answer) *
111. Untitled 04 (Christ Will Feed His Sheep) * 112. Untitled 05 (Like Jesus) * 113. Untitled 06 (In Heaven) * 114. Healer Divine (Just One Touch) * 115. Untitled 07 (Ship of Life) *
116. Untitled 08 (Back to the Earth) * 117. Untitled 09 (Life's Journey) * 118. Churches 119. Never Thought of That  
* Add ons from Icie's book


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